Released on December 15, 2023
New song "Never Too Late"

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Tokyo City Groove, a Tokyo duo consisting of drummer Kenta Kitamura and bassist Kaoru Yamauchi, was formed in 2022.
They have toured and recorded with all kinds of Japanese city pop artists for over 40 years . However, it is important to note that they are not just instrumental players, but sound creators. The music they produce shows glimpses of the city pop elements that have developed uniquely in Japan since the 1980s. Through their music, we hope you will feel the Tokyo of today.

Tokyo City Grooveはドラマーの北村健太、ベーシストの山内薫のユニットとして2022年に誕生しました。これまで40年以上、あらゆるアーティストのライブツアーやレコーディングを共にしてきた二人。日本の音楽シーンを駆け抜けてきた彼らが生み出す音楽は、シティポップそのものなのかもしれない。